The JSHealth Program Handbook

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Due to the success of the 8-week online JSHealth Program, we have created a PDF version for all those who prefer a simplified and printer-friendly layout.

Now you can basically have the JSHealth Program in your pocket!

What does the JSHealth Program Handbook include?

  • The JSHealth principles, which are laid out in an 8-week, step-by-step plan that focuses on the 4 signature JSHealth Pillars: Eating with Balance, Lifestyle, Intuitive Cooking and JSHealth Nutritional Principles. You will receive each week as a separate PDF to read or print off
  • The Program Handbook contains the JSHealth signature Meal Plan, exclusive recipes within the meal plan, a weekly Menu Planner and vitamin guide, shopping list and my signature Mindful Eating tips
  • There is a great focus on fostering a health body image and more wholesome relationship with food throughout all the weeks - helping you overcome anxiety and stress around food, and commit to balance with food for life
  • The Handbook also contains the signature JSHealth nutrition and lifestyle advice that is helping thousands of people transform physically and emotionally

What's the difference between the Handbook & Online Program?

The Handbook

  • A shorter and more simplified version of the Online Program
  • Gives you all the information you need and can be read at your own pace
  • You can print off each week or snapshot the pages to your mobile device
  • It contains all the most popular JSHealth signature meals and recipes, as well as the JSHealth Meal Plan & Shopping List
  • Contains my practical advice - that you can take with you wherever you go!

The Online Program

  • Contains more detailed advice with interactive cooking and lifestyle videos and recipes
  • Unlocks content week-by-week through a technical system
  • Also contains the most popular JSHealth recipes, Meal Plan & Shopping List
  • Has an online forum for daily extra support from the JSHealth team
  • Includes a weekly email newsletter that is sent twice a week for extra support

The JSHealth program supports vegans and vegetarians. The 8 week meal plan contains vegan substitutes and recipes.

Tip: Print off the weeks as you go to stay on track. I recommend doing one week at a time for maximum results and to sustain the results long term!