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Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you need to succumb to old or bad habits. I created this 37 page plan to guide you through the ups and downs of travelling - a nutritionist's tips and tricks to staying balanced and healthy in transit, in the air and at your final destination. I've included some recipes you can whip up before you leave, or on the go with access to a basic kitchen. There's also a break down of how I keep moving, and some ways to get yourself in the best mindset for a healthy, relaxing and ENJOYABLE time away.

Please note: Plan is an ebook

"Thank you so much @jshealth. This is the perfect travel plan to get me ready for all my personal and business trips, and to help me stay on top of my health during my travelling as well. I used to struggle with ways of being healthy whilst travelling, and this guide just made it so easy!" Claire K.

"Jess- I'm so honoured you asked me to review your travel plan. The info in here about how to stay fit and healthy when I'm travelling is such gold. As a flight attendant I'm always away from home but there is so many little things I'm going to change about the way I travel which I'm sure are going to make my life so much healthier!" Georgia.