The Healthy Life (Book 1)

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If you’re ready to heal your relationship with food and nourish your body with nutrition and the ultimate self care, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

  • 10 Powerful Principles to find health and healing. This step-by-step guide is what I used to heal my body and relationship with food – it works!
  • A nutrition chapter that helps you understand what to eat, how to eat and when to eat for your unique body.
  • An entire chapter dedicated to healing your broken, anxious and complicated relationship with food.
  • All of my top hair, skin and beauty tips are revealed – plus a complete weight loss and cleanse guide.
  • Hundreds of wholefood recipes – most of which are gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo and vegan friendly. But most importantly, they taste amazing and are very simple to make.

If you already love my eBook, The Clean Life, this is the must-have guide to further your journey to a happy, healthy and peaceful relationship with food and your body.

I am very blessed with my amazing community who write such kind messages of support. Below are some lovely words from some very happy customers. Thank you !

"@claremckeown It's brilliant @jshealth thank you. Finally a book that makes being healthy, simple, versatile and fun...not to mention delicious! I purchased the book yesterday and have already made the GF banana bread, GF loaf, herb crusted chicken, cauliflower rice + walnut pesto to go with our stuffed mushrooms for breakfast today! And all super easy too. Thank you for producing such an amazing, inspiring book! X"

I have been dying to dive into Jessica Sepel’s new book #thehealthylife. Finally this morning I had the chance and damn it’s good! I love that Jess doesn’t shy away from sharing her struggles around food, and for someone like me, who has suffered from disordered eating, it is so refreshing and inspiring! Finally a book that isn’t just about shedding weight but gaining self esteem, happiness, energy and control over those pesky fad diets! Thank you Jess for writing what is so needed. Thank you for your bravery, and your commitment to helping other women live healthier and happier lives.

"@rohima_19 - This woman is incredible. I brought her book and honestly I was really apprehensive since it could have been another healthy eating book. (And I've read many of those!) But far from it! I love that Jessica shares the emotional side of healthy eating and weight loss. That's where most of us struggle. Her authenticity and openness is what resonates with me the most...If you want to end this battle with food, you need to read her book. It's not just food, in her blog she talks about being authentic with your work, working hard and believing in yourself 100%. Super inspirational ❤️❤️❤️"

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